Titanium band prototype

Titanium band, silicone/rubber, leather, ballistic nylon ... what else?!
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Re: Titanium band prototype

Post by instigator » Tue 18 Dec 2018 15:12

Prototyping crew, thanks for the jump! I didn't want you to think the radio silence means nothing is happening. We're still in motion!

Our 3D printer completed the endlink prints and shipped them to us middle of this week. As you can see, the links retain the laser sintering marks that adds a slight grainy texture to the finish.

This batch came out a bit rougher than the original ones, but definitely within range. Next step, we are now working on hand-finishing these one at a time to grind the surface smooth. Then, they'll get a bead blast.
On the imported German band front, they shipped the package on 5 December. However, the DHL shipment has lagged with some delays at customs import center, where the package languished for 3 days plus another 5 days enroute from customs to HQ.

Good news is that it appears the bands are close to touchdown!
In case you're curious, here's the live DHL tracking link, hopefully it says "Geliefert" -- Delivered by the time this reaches you!
https://nolp.dhl.de/nextt-online-public ... 27170619DE

Thanks for patience in the wait, welcome to the world of small batch and prototypes!

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Post by RichtersAwful » Sat 23 Feb 2019 02:57

Have we got an update on this? I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this!

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